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Adventurous Venues: Sky Weddings

by Hazel Orton You may be wondering what on (or off) Earth sky weddings are! Well, today I am really exploring the outer limits of outrageous wedding venues. I’m sure a few of us feel like leaving the planet at the moment, but did you know that it is entirely possible to get married without…

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Adventurous Venues: funfair themed!

Funfair themed wedding? Why not! While many couples know from the start that a traditional venue isn’t what they’re after, they often struggle to figure out where exactly they do want to hold their special day. Well, we’re here to help, having ferreted out some of the most outrageously inventive venues around. This time Hazel…

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Adventurous Venues: Cave Wedding

Cave wedding… it’s not a phrase you hear a lot! But we reckon it ought to be! If you’re thinking drafty and damp then think again and read on to find out how a cosy cave could be your dream location… by Hazel Orton First up, deep in the heart of Cornwall, on the edge…

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