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Cave wedding… it’s not a phrase you hear a lot! But we reckon it ought to be! If you’re thinking drafty and damp then think again and read on to find out how a cosy cave could be your dream location…

by Hazel Orton

First up, deep in the heart of Cornwall, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, lie the enchanting Carnglaze Caverns, which ooze atmosphere with their unique and peaceful setting.  Carnglaze was originally Cornwall’s only open cast slate mine, until 300 years ago miners started to dig underground too. This created large hand carved chambers of cathedral proportions, making Carnglaze one of Cornwall’s premier underground experiences.

 The first chamber which is available for weddings is known as The Rum Store Chamber, as it was used by the Royal Navy during the Second World War to store rum for a naval yard in Plymouth. It has one of the longest aisles in Cornwall of approximately 80 metres for a truly magnificent fairytale entrance into the huge candlelit cavern.

The second chamber is The Cathedral Cavern and is famous for its subterranean lake, filled with sparkling blue-green spring water, beside which can hold your ceremony, making it a truly memorable location with a difference.

Cave wedding
Wookey Hole

A cave wedding in dreamy Somerset…

Next on our list is Wookey Hole Caves in dreamy Somerset, which provide the backdrop for an unforgettable day with some of the most beautiful rock formations in England. The caves are formed by limestone, carved out by the River Axe running through them for millions of years.  They’ve been used in various ways for 45000 years making them a site of special interest.

The cave is famous for the Witch of Wookey Hole, a roughly human shaped stalagmite that legend says is a witch turned to stone by a monk from Glastonbury. 

Wookey Hole offers a choice of three chambers for weddings, all of which are surrounded by clear pools and candlelight, creating a warm, enchanting atmosphere. A cave wedding doesn’t have to mean a small wedding: the largest chamber here holds up to 110 guests, however if intimate is more your style, the smaller caverns could be just perfect for you.

Finally, the Follies at Hawkstone Park near Shrewsbury in Shropshire is our last stunning location. Set within 100 acres of parkland The Follies is a range of rugged natural sandstone hills and caves, providing a gorgeously dramatic venue.

Your ceremony could be held in an underground grotto on Grotto Hill or under the natural stone archway which enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Bookings are inclusive of 4 x4 transport to the ceremony and a beautiful swathe of fairy lights twinkling throughout the grotto.

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