Adventurous Venues: Sky Weddings

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by Hazel Orton

You may be wondering what on (or off) Earth sky weddings are! Well, today I am really exploring the outer limits of outrageous wedding venues. I’m sure a few of us feel like leaving the planet at the moment, but did you know that it is entirely possible to get married without your feet even touching the ground? So, with summer just around the corner and love in the air, let’s take to the skies and celebrate some new horizons.

Sky weddings – but where?

There are several diverse venues and options that can provide an aerial view for your nuptials. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or maybe a relaxed high flyer there is something for everyone. But top of the list for a sky wedding for me has got to be a Boeing 747 mile high marriage. Based at the Cotswold Airport near Gloucestershire, couples can now get married in the UK’s first ever Boeing 747 that has been licensed for marriages!

This is the only plane in the world that can provide this service. The plane is fitted out as a full-blown party space with the option to style it any way you want inside, including stages with makeup and dressing rooms available in a separate area. The airport can also arrange a private flight to your honeymoon destination, offering total privacy and intimacy.

Sky weddings - hot air balloon style
Image by Kayra Sercan on Unsplash

Hot air balloon

If you would like to take a more relaxed approach to your day maybe a hot air balloon trip over the scenic English countryside would be your cup of tea. While it is not legally possible to get married in a hot air balloon in the UK as yet, Aerosaurus Balloons, in the Southwest of England, offer wedding packages to suit everyone’s individual needs.

You can book a dramatic balloon ride wedding arrival or exit, while you share a glass of champagne. They also offer a hot air balloon which can be tethered at your reception, providing a gorgeous setting and some excellent entertainment for your guests. As an extra special end to your day, why not take a ride in your balloon to your hotel, whilst enjoying even more champagne?

Dinner in the Sky

Finally, I discovered a company offering a totally different take on sky weddings! Dinner in the Sky offers a new perspective on this subject: you can now get married on a platform suspended by a 50ft crane! The platform can seat between 20 and 30 guests and even has an aisle to walk down and its own organ.

The crane and platform can be hired for the day and installed at the location of your choice, making your wedding a totally exclusive experience –  in a very safe way, I should add! The platform is fully fitted with chairs and seatbelts for the guests. Dinner in the Sky offers one final thrilling optional extra: a bungee jump off the side after taking your vows. What a way to remember the day…

When she’s not musing about the benefits of sky weddings and other crazy venues, Hazel Orton is the owner of ShoesbyHaze, offering custom printed shoes for your special day. Find her at or email info@shoesbyhaze. Read more of her articles inside Outrageous Bride right now, for free!





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