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Meet The Celebrant – Steve Morris

It’s your big day. Everything must be perfect, down to the last imperfection. You check yourself in the mirror, satisfy yourself that you look great. You’ve chosen to express yourself with the kind of celebration you’ve dreamed about. You take a deep breath and head down for the first day of the rest of your…

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To Theme or Not to Theme… that is the question! 

Photo credits: Celebrant: www.creatingceremony.com Photo: www.edwattsweddings.co.uk by Bev Seal It’s a big question, this idea of whether to theme or not to theme. We have gotten very used to feeling like our weddings have to be Instagram-ready at every second, now, more than ever, we compare our big days to others and there can be some pressure felt…

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How to boss your big day

by Bev Seal Let’s start at the very beginning… As a wise woman once said, it’s a very good place to start! And why settle for a wedding that isn’t ‘you’? Make it your own and boss your big day. Wherever you are in your planning process for your wedding, it’s always good to stop…

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