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So, you have opted for a themed wedding. You are getting wed on Halloween, or having a horror day, or your theme reflects softer, more ethereal vibes.  You have the dress, the bouquet, and the tiara, but what better can crown your day with but the final finishing touch for all to see. Creating a stunning memorable statement that will amaze and delight all your guests.

There are an increasing number of nail artists around the UK. No, not the high street walk-in acrylic studios but real artists who can create spectacular nails to make that extra impact on the day.

We have singled out just one to show you what’s possible and to give you something even more alternative to investigate in your own area.  Lindsey Howard is Witch Face Nails and we got her to tell us a little more about what she does.  Also, to show us some of the inspiring designs she has created.

“Hi, I’m Witch Face Nails, more known by Lindsey Howard. I’ve always been creative and love alternative style but mainly witchy or Gothic. Most of my life was spent working interesting jobs but none that captured my love of creating, until I discovered my love for nails and nail art! So, I encourage anyone to go and follow their passion, you don’t regret it. My job doesn’t feel like a job, I work on clients face to face and during the lockdowns I was forced to close my business over and over.  I started making press on nails and I haven’t stopped since. I especially adore drawing hand painted nail art for people’s special occasions like their weddings.  After all, everyone is adoring the brides new ring so why not add the finishing touch with some unique press on nails.

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I find inspiration from all around, be it other artists who create all weird and wonderful things to my mind or objects around me. For example, I sat in my nail room last week wanting to create a few ideas and while staring at my lava lamp I took inspiration from that. My mind is always open, and I can’t help looking at anything and thinking ‘they’d look amazing on a set of nails’! 

For many, Halloween is an all-year-round aesthetic, we live and breathe it! I have to pinch myself sometimes on how lucky I am to be doing what I do, I have a supportive wife and two lovely boys behind me and can’t forget every client and customer that supports me and who allow me to live out my dream, creating! All the products I use are from an amazing brand called Magpie beauty which are for professional nail techs only, a very high standard and all made in the UK!”

We are so impressed with the work of Lindsey Howard from Witch Face Nails. Have a look at her shop on etsy, you will not be disappointed.

Whatever your preferred theme, anything goes, so break the mould of today, it’s what Outrageous Bride is all about!





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